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Five Star provides Overhead and Underground ongoing maintenance jobs and new Telecom Installation projects


Ongoing Maintenance jobs
  • All MDU repair and installation

  • Overhead and Underground Cable replacements

  • Pedestal replacement and repair 

  • Pole Transfers

  • All GO Infractions

  • Directional Boring and Trenching

  • On-Call (Emergency) system restoration and repair

  • All customer requests

  • Emergency Fiber Splicing and Restoration Team  


Ongoing CB and Residential Projects
  • Multiple Campus projects for a major Defense and security Company - San Diego. Fiber Optics distribution. 

  • San Diego Unified School district Fiber projects

  • Verizon & Sprint  Fiber Reinforcement and Splicing 


  • Pinnacle on the park : Built entire Fiber To The Home (FTTH) for over 495 luxury units in 45 stories - Downtown San Diego

  • Aerial to Underground Conversions in City of San Diego 

  • Joint Trench Projects for new developments 




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